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Legault reviews Jak II (PS2)

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Legault said...

Remember the relaxed and happy first game? Welcome to the exact opposite: a dark and frustrating game.

+ The Dark Eco power is kinda nice once you finally get to unleash it.
+ The story, while being far from perfect, is... decent enough but one can't deny how they progressed when compared to J&D1
- Traffic. Sure, you could just Speed trough and steal all vehicles you encounter or rapidly switch between ground and air modes but it's just stupid... Traffic is tedious and it seems like they didn't think it trough. If they had added another air mode or something it would've been better and perhaps you might finish a street without killing everyone.
- You've got a platformer with guns... that's what this game is. The platforming is nothing special and disappoints when compared to J&D1 and the shooting is simply the classic selection with a kiddy look.
- Dark Jak is overpowered and takes too long to charge. Against normal foes you'll use it only when surronded and in those cases you'll be facing respawning masses, making it useless. Against bosses? One DJ activation means one boss-phase down in a single hit... overpowered <
- The lay-out is horrible. Enjoy losing your way trough the city...
- Racing missions. They are made to frustrate and require you to use one exact route... which will be messed up due to traffic! Missions like these rely more on luck than skill...

I know they had to change some things... but seriously guys? this game just doesn't compare with J&D1 or R&C...

Game Traits applied to Jak II (PS2) by Legault

  • The Setting:
    fictional future, sci-fi
  • Playing As:
    Jak & Daxter
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    open world, Platforming Adventure
  • General Tone:
Jak II

Jak II (PS2)

Genre/Style: Action/3D Platform
Release Date: 14/OCT/03
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