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Legault reviews Final Fantasy VI (PS)

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Legault said...

In my opinion the best final fantasy ever made... now bugger off, FFVII fanboys :D
This is the onlly game I actually ever used an emulator for (darned PS1 memory card broke down <) and still an awesome game.
+ Story. The story, like in most FF, is well... awesome :D I also like the shapeshifting heroïne, seperate storylines focusing on seperate party members,...
+ Gameplay. The basic gameplay is well known, nothing new there. What 6 also offers is the ability to learn magic from Espers and special Relics granting a myriad of effects. Very well done.
+ Graphics. The last of the pixelated series with some animated cutscenes but it's just beautiful. The graphics were top-notch at their time and even now nice to look at.
+ Music. Kind of a FF trademark but it deserves mention.
+ Cast. Shapeshifting, A wildling that goes trolloping with monsters to learn their tricks, some sketchy kid, a dog-wielding nin,... a very nice cast.
- Well... I lost my savefiles due to the stupid memory card? No really, I think this game is the best out of a serie of already good games :D No negativity here xD

Game Traits applied to Final Fantasy VI (PS) by Legault

  • The Setting:
    Fantasy, Final Fantasy universe
  • Playing As:
    Terra Branford
  • Playing Against:
  • How it's Played:
    RPG, J-RPG
  • General Tone:
Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI (PS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D RPG
Release Date: 11/MAR/99
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